Not Authorized: New Army Hair Regulations

While scrolling through Instagram I came across a post regarding a new Army regulation.Being a veteran myself  relatable  posts such as this  stick out to me.  This was the photo: I remember saying … continue reading


Digital ARTIST: LinShuttr

On the rise. . . . He’s crafting some of the most iconic pop culture and media impelled visuals of our time.The occasional satire carefully sketched into his work only … continue reading


Front Row Charlotte Raises $10,000

Front Row Charlotte hosted it’s 2nd annual style show and shop on Wednesday in NODA.  This one of a kind event allows you to purchase items right from the runway.  Hence the … continue reading

photo credit: little people blog, slinkachu

Little People Street Art Project

Art is always around.  Sometimes we may need to look just a little bit closer to find it.  London Artist Slinkachu has a street art series on his blog “The … continue reading


Kickstarter Project: Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

We have all heard the stories.  Young black girls being teased, banned or even being expelled for their natural hair.  Ariane Roberts of Black Naps  created a children’s book to inspire young girls.  ”Jamie Loves … continue reading