Who’s that cute little girl?

If you’re tapped into any social media involving natural hair you have seen these pics.  The cute little girl that gets tons of love on posts.  I have seen her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.   I even received an email with her pic from a friend. 

It’s her  lovely natural hair, infectious smile and adorable outfits that have won everyone over.  So who is this little girl?   

Well her name is Riley and her mother Christin “Shoots People“:)

Christin is a self-taught photographer from Houston.  Her impressive portfolio includes an array of phenomenal maternity, newborn and engagement sessions. Christin McQueen Photography captures the pure essence of what photographs are all about. 

I had the pleasure to interview this talented woman. 

Check it out:


 -Introduce yourself and tell us When you knew you wanted to be a photographer?

Believer. Wife. Mommy. Photographer. In that order! I knew fro a fact that I wanted to be a photographer when I had my baby girl, Riley 2 years ago. I’d dabbled for a while when my 5 year old son was born, but never really committed until I realized that I couldn’t go back to “work” with a clingy baby like Riley at home. It was kind of a default decision.
-What is the best element about capturing the images you have done to date?
Every one of my images that I look at mean something to me. Even the ones another photographer may toss from the jump. I have tons of photos on my computer that are out of focus or grainy, but because of the moment captured, I can’t bear to part with them. It’s sad, I know. But true.  I consider every image “frozen time” and that just amazes me to this day.

-Although it may be hard, what are your favorite projects?
At this moment, I’m in LOVE with child photography. Ages 8 months to high school seniors definitely tickle my fancy! If I can get to a point where I can only photograph kids, I’d be in heaven. I’m still interested in dabbling in other areas though, so I’ll be scatter-brained for a while.
-We love your newborn photography.  Please share with us how you get started capturing these images and what the process is like photographing a newborn (i.e. how old they are, setting, etc)
I only photograph newborns that are under the age of 2 weeks. At that point, they’re still squishy and sleepy. I get them fat full, sleepy and warm and the rest is just cake. It’s not hard once it’s done a few times.

Christin McQueen

Riley is a little superstar 🙂 How did you decide to start making her your subject?
Riley, has been a little superstar thanks to you.
*Literally laughing out loud* Riley kind of made herself my subject. My son won’t even come near me if I have a camera in my hands these days. Riley will. A local seamstress emailed me asking if Riley could model some of her designs. I said yes and the rest is history.
-How old is Riley? and how does she do with the camera?
Riley JUST turned 2. June 21st. Most of her photos on the internet were taken when she was still 1. She’s pretty good with the camera for the most part, but because she’s a toddler, she has her days. I do with her what I tell my clients to do with their kiddos: feed them and make sure they’ve had their nap. As long as Riley has a full belly and a nap, she’s America’s Next Top Baby Model. No nap and/or no food = no pictures…point blank.

Christin McQueen

-What hair products do you use for your hair and Riley’s
 The one product that I’ve found that works consistently for Riley is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I tend to mix it with different products here and there, but for the most part, I keep it handy.  I’m still kind of feeling my way around  because I’m newly natural myself.  I like old school products like (dare I say) Pink Oil Moisturizer and Liv.
 -Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
In 5 years…*WHEW* Where do I begin? The man upstairs will always be my #1. Career-wise, I’ll definitely have a studio. I want to specialize in one type of photography, but I don’t want photography to be my only muse. I’ll be spending every second that I can with my family. I will absolutely be a better friend. I will carry my cell phone more and actually ANSWER it. I plan to have most of these in place long before 5 years, but it’s nice to have a little cushion just in case I lose focus along the way.
-Do you have any new projects in the works? If so share them with us?
Wow! Yes of course. I haven’t mentioned this to many people, but in my personal time, I’ve been pursuing big plans to start my own print magazine focused on black children. I can’t say too much at this point, but not because I don’t want to share; just because I don’t have much in place. Just ideas.  I’ve also been working with my husband on ideas for how to turn our thrifting habit into money. That’s really up in the air at the moment as well. Once we have the time to actually sit and brain-storm, the world should most definitely look out for this duo 😉
-Tell us about the different areas of your photography and what moments you may like to capture best in these subjects (love, life, kids, seniors and adults, Riley! 🙂

Love, to me is family, engagements etc. I like to capture these areas in as lifestyle portraiture. I enjoy when everyone is in their natural element as if I’m not even there. Those are the best moments. The life category focuses on newborns and maternity. I like for my maternity photos and my newborn photos to be very posed and particular. Very refined, ya know? Child portraiture (depending on the age) is really just photojournalism. I get most of my exercise during these sessions. They don’t care if they look fat. They don’t care how their clothes look. They just do them and I capture it. It’s always refreshing to photograph adults and seniors. 

 -Interview End-


Thanks so much Christin for sharing a little piece of what you do and little Riley also:)

Make sure you check out Christin and Riley at





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