The 25 and 2: Minimalist Wardrobe Recap



Earlier this year, Notorious Nerd  and I did a wardrobe initiative, The 25 and 2. It was a great way for us to get rid of clothes and challenge our minimal living interest.  Deciding to only wear 25 items of clothing for 2 months seemed insane, but we were up for the challenge.  We had so many “ahhh haaa” moments and great takeaways we wanted to share them.

 We have wayyyyy too many clothes

There have been plenty of times I have looked in my closet and said “you have too many clothes.”  Hence why we got rid of 4 bags of clothes earlier this year *insert palm to face emoji*   It really goes to another level when you only wear 25 items of clothes for 2 months.  When the initiative was over, I felt like I had a new wardrobe again.  There was items of clothing I came across that I simply forgot about.  So basically, I went shopping in my closet.  We quickly realized that even after getting rid of so many clothes we could stand to get rid of even more.

We became more efficient

We wore clothes for an actual purpose and style kinda came second.  We did the challenge from January to March.  So weather wasn’t warm and sunny like it is now for the summer.  There was possible snow, rain and oh yeah just simply being cold.  So we had to consider different weather conditions when choosing what to wear.

Less Options Equals More Time

We didn’t spend a lot of time trying to decide what to wear, because you guessed it.  Our wardrobe was small.  Less options isn’t always a bad thing.  I didn’t have an “I can’t” decide moment.   My husband was pretty impressed in how fast I was able to get dressed.  I think I broke a record 🙂



Less Laundry

This is always a good thing right?  No sofa or chair was used as a laundry basket in the making of our initiative 🙂

More Money in Our Pockets

One thing, we really wanted to cut back on was spending.  In addition to my limited wardrobe, we stirred clear of any leisure shopping.  This included online shopping which we all know can sucker you in.  Ads are everywhere even if you search for an item it pops up on your social media feeds.  It was nice to save some extra money during this time.

Re-evaulating Your “Needs”

It really makes you reevaluate what you think you need.  Like do you really need 5 pairs of  jeans that are the same color?  Or what about that favorite black t-shirt you continuously pull down from the closet?  Yup! only to realize it’s not the one you want to EVER wear.



Some thought our initiative was way too limited, but that was the point in itself.  We challenged our social norms.  by trading in lots for less.

Although we don’t plan on living permanently like the 25 and 2, it was a great experience that we plan on doing again sometime in the future.

Or wrapped Veggies Albert!!!


If you can’t look back on your past and reflect on experiences that challenge you than what are you doing?

This initiative may not be for some and that is totally understandable.  There are many ways to challenge yourself.  Find something that will take your comfort zone to another level.  You will never regret looking at social norms from another  perspective.

When you have less clutter  you can make room for so much more.

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