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Today, I’m sharing my product review on Snowy Owl Cove .  A luxury natural skin care line based in Durham, North Carolina.  SOC’s founder Patricia, crafted this line after learning her mother needed to get a double mastectomy after developing breast cancer.  She became concerned about the toxins in our everyday self-care.

As explained on her about page “On a daily basis, we suppress our natural immune systems with dangerous chemicals found in many “beauty” and other highly-marketed products we add to our bodies.”

See my in-depth review below:

Over the course of one week, I used products from the Indian Summer Fabulous Kit.   This line is designed to help with oily skin and guess who fits that description?   Me!!!!  Oily skin has been a part of my life since forever.    By the middle of the day, my face is full of oil.  The summer only makes is worse with the humidity and heat.   Who else can relate?

The Indian Summer Product Kit includes:

As a bonus, I also tried the Daily Sanctuary Sensitive Skin Face Soap



The body lotion, face toner and cream come in sleek silver and gray airtight bottles to prevent spilling.   Each bottle sits easily in your hand for use.  The transparent labeling allows you to see the product inside.

On the front label,  shows the product amount and weight, while the back label shows you all the ingredients.  The look of the containers are eye catching with it’s shiny tones and may also suite well for travel because of it’s hard sturdy plastic.

The face and body soap come in tightly sealed plastic with the ingredients labeled on the back as well.  Before even opening the package, I was welcomed with a light sweet scent.  Ahhhhh smelt so good!


Use, Consistency & Loves

Face Use in order:

  1. Oily Skin Face Soap: lathered easily  and sucked out all the oil I had in my face.   It was squeaky clean after just one use.
  2. Face Toner:  liquid consistency and easy application with a cotton round.  The soap did such a great job cleansing my face, I didn’t have much residue.  It was helpful in hard to reach areas such as behind my ears, neck and creases of my nose.
  3. Face Cream: felt slightly lighter than a traditional lotion and applied easy.

All Natural Products

Body Use in order:

  1. Oily Skin Body Soap: Lathered very well and gave me a clean feeling without any residue afterwards.
  2. Body Lotion:  lightweight application  and gives you a slight shine after use 🙂 Seems to hold it’s moisture for a few hours after applying.

All Natural Products

One BIG LOVE I have is you can pronounce all the ingredients on the labels.  Yup! It didn’t feel like I was competing in a spelling bee.  It was easy to know what was inside.

Despite my sensitive skin, I didn’t have any serious concerns with breaking my current skincare routine to try SOC.  Simply because they are all natural.  Kudos to Patricia for this!

Also they worked very well together.  For example: The face  and body soap left me completely clean, but the face cream and body lotion added that moisture right back into my skin without any issues.  The oil in my skin didn’t accumulate as fast thought the day which was great for a change lol

Lastly to mention again, all the products have a light sweet smell that can compliment anyones sensitive noses.


I had to shake the bottles upside down a few times so the product could pump through the closure.  I noticed there is no long pump that filters down into the bottle.  After a few shakes the product ran out smoothly.

The Daily Sanctuary facial soap gave me a burning sensation after my first use.  When using it a second time,  I didn’t apply as much soap and this quickly went away.  I think I will stick to the Indian Summer facial bar though.

All Natural Products

Summing it Up

Overall, I think these products are great!  You can tell the line has been crafted to give you the best natural ingredients possible all the way down to it’s packaging.  It has been made with love.

If I had to name a favorite product I tried it would be the Indian Summer Face Cream.  I think it has a different take on a typical facial moisturizers and the airy consistency has been perfect for my face.

As mentioned earlier, the oil in my skin did seem to diminish.  This is definitely a plus because along with oily skin I have large pores on my cheeks.  We all know sometimes large pores can lead to clogged pores.

So, YES!!!!  I recommend these products to anyone, but I would advise trying the facial bar on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t give you the burning  sensation I had.  Using less soap may help.  Of course skin sensitivity varies:)

Interested in checking out Snowy Owl Cove?  Head on over to their website. There is tons of goodies to browse through.  They have everything from aromatherapy bath items to a  line dedicated to the men in your life.

There is also a helpful skin quiz you can take to learn what products may work best for you!

It’s been great trying out this line Patricia! Much success to you:)

Got questions?  email me at info(at) thenaturalhighblog (dot) com

See You Soon!




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